LASER TREATMENTs in St. louis 

MarElyse is proud to offer artfully tailored laser treatments, ensuring that each step of your transformative journey is met with unmatched expertise and care. Whether your desire is to reclaim youthfulness, attain blemish-free radiance, or embrace the allure of hairless skin, trust MarElyse to fulfill your dreams of radiant skin.

Our Most Popular Laser Services

1. Halo

Introducing the epitome of laser treatment for truly striking results – Halo. Meticulously honing in on years of skin damage and the unmistakable signs of aging, this revolutionary procedure is specifically tailored for individuals aged 35 and above, as well as those with acne scarring.

The Halo treatment, renowned for its remarkable efficacy, offers a more intensive approach while boasting the remarkable advantage of minimal to no downtime post-treatment. Embrace the transformative power of Halo and embark on a journey to restore youthful radiance and flawless skin, without the burdens of extended recovery.

Halo works wonders to address:

  • Discoloration (such as melasma and rosacea)
  • Sun damage
  • Visible signs of aging
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Poor texture

2. Forever Young BBL

At the forefront of beauty and proactive skincare is the Forever Young BBL (BroadBand Light) treatment. This revolutionary regimen serves as both a shield against the aging process and a potent combatant to its visible effects. Harnessing the cutting-edge BBL technology, this transformative treatment infuses the skin with light energy, empowering your body’s innate ability to defy the signs of aging.

Ideal for those seeking to maintain youthful vitality or for those venturing into the realm of laser treatments for the first time, Forever Young BBL stands as the recommended choice. Embrace the power of innovation and unlock the secret to timeless radiance with this exceptional treatment.

3. Forever Clear Acne Treatment

Discover the formidable solution for acne-affected skin with our Forever Clear laser treatment – your first line of defense against stubborn blemishes. Through our transformative three-step process, the Blue BBL light effectively eradicates acne-causing bacteria at its root, while the Yellow BBL light diminishes inflammation and redness, revealing a complexion that radiates with health and luminosity. Concluding the journey, the gentle pulse of infra-red light kickstarts your body’s innate healing process, bestowing you with remarkably clearer and more radiant skin in just a few treatments. Embrace the confidence that comes with a revitalized and blemish-free complexion.

4. Forever Bare Laser Hair Reduction

Indulge in the luxury of hair removal that surpasses traditional methods, ensuring not only unmatched comfort but also enhanced safety and swifter results. Embark on a liberating path to flawless, hair-free skin

Specialized Laser Services also available:


Discover the essence of true expertise, exceptional service, and top-notch technology at MarElyse, the premier medispa in St. Louis. At the heart of our excellence is Debbie Cornelius, PA-C, regarded as St. Louis’ expert in Halo, Forever Young BBL, and Botox. 

MarElyse MediSpa is committed to providing a low-pressure, comfortable environment, where you can experience the utmost care and attention. Unlike other medispas, MarElyse houses one of the few Sciton Joule Halo laser machines in the St. Louis area – the absolute best on the market today. This gold standard state-of-the-art machine, combined with our team’s expertise, ensures outstanding results.

Step into a world of quality and sophistication at MarElyse. Experience the difference that true expertise and cutting-edge technology can make. Your journey to beauty and rejuvenation starts here.

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